NPDES Compliance

Augment the planning, development and/or implementation of your stormwater program by adding Goldstreet as a professional services vendor. From community-based social marketing to annual reports to public outreach strategy and beyond, we are here to be a resource to ensure your stormwater program meets the NPDES requirements and is a success in your community.

Public Outreach Strategy

What is the best course of action for reaching customers? What topics, what demographics, timing, how often? These are just a few questions to be answered and our experts can help you plan and build your program.


Public Participation

Guiding public participation efforts during code revisions, rate increases or any other issue that you need to communicate to your constituents.


Preparing Presentations

Expertise to develop your presentations to target your managers, local elected officials, staff members, utility customers, home owner associations or any other group of individuals you need to communicate with from your community or jurisdiction.


Tracking/Measuring Tools

Stormwater outreach and social marketing programs need tracking. Let us help you set up tracking tools to better manage and report the work you and others are doing in your jurisdiction and community to meet the permit requirements.


Stewardship Program

Assisting with the design of your Stewardship Program to get your customers actively involved in their community.


Program Evaluation

Feel at ease and know you are meeting all the minimum requirements.


Social Marketing Campaigns

Helping ensure that your campaign is properly designed to inspire behavior change from your specified target audience.


Market Research

Offering the latest in cost effective tools and analysis to gain a deep understanding of your target audience. Focus groups, phone surveys, online panels, etc. Our team will find the best options to give you the scientific data your project requires.


Annual Report

Putting it all together for you, so you can focus on other projects on your 'to do' list!

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