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Compost and Biosolids Brochure #0000AB

$190. Includes adding your logo and contact information. Delivered as a web-ready PDF.



Deliver critical information in expertly designed brochures! This public outreach message is designed to deliver a message to community members that live in a specific city that explains how the city handles and creates biosolids compost and the safety of composting.

Don’t think brochures are effective? Check out this case study 

Have Us Print and Ship in your desired quantity and paper quality. We can provide collateral on plain, glossy, matte or waterproof paper.

Default Messaging “Did you know… Compost is the product resulting from the controlled biological decomposition of organic wastes that have been sanitized and stabilized to a degree which is potentially beneficial to plant growth when used as a soil amendment.”

Make it your own by swapping out all pictures, changing illustrations, text edits and/or updating the color palette, which are all possible and will be quoted at the time of the request. This brochure can also work in other media channels such as bill mailers, e-bills, newsletters, banners, social media feeds, vehicle wraps and other customer communications. Actual Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Our team specializes in creating eye-catching, professionally designed brochures for local government, municipalities, public works and public utility districts. We can also assist with any public awareness or public outreach campaign. Through good design, we can launch your important message into the spotlight.

*After submitting the order, we will provide an estimate of pricing for your preferred print quantity with a plethora of paper options. Print-ready files are also available for an additional charge.


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