Ask Us Hour

There are no sales pitches, no profiles to complete, no agendas, no passwords to remember.  Just a live, open forum where you can ask questions, get answers and improve your outreach and marketing programs.


If you are seeking answers to any questions outreach related, such as:

• Recommendations of best ways to reach a target audience?
• Feedback on a brochure you created and want to improve?
• Most efficient ways to allocate budget dollars for outreach?
• How to create a marketing plan?
• Ways to measure a particular outreach piece?
• Stuck with copy for a paragraph and want guidance?
• Determining which headline is most effective?
• Looking to hear what others are doing on a topic?

How It Works:

1. Visit www.join.me and click "Join Meeting"
2. Enter the Code "Goldstreet"
3. In "Audio Settings" (phone icon), choose to listen through your computer or phone.

Ask Us Hour Upcoming Schedule

Wednesday July 25th, 2018  11:00 AM PST
Presentation topic: TBD
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Past Presentations

      May 23rd, 2018: Communicating to Millennials

      March 21st, 2018: Top 5 Creative Design Trends Impacting Public Outreach

      January 24th, 2018: Creating Engaging Social Media Posts

      December 13th, 2017: Common Mistakes in Utility Outreach

      November 17th, 2017: Tips for a Simple Communications Plan