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Water Quality Reports

At Goldstreet, our goal is to create a report with eye catching graphics, a professional appearance, opportunity to tell your story and include all the technical data in a clean, easy to ready report for your customers.

Vehicle Wraps / Truck Stickers

Take your messaging on the road! We’ve got you covered. Our team has crafted hundreds of vehicle wraps for local governments and utility companies, from small single car wraps, all the way to big box trucks and Vac-con trucks, no project is too small or large in scale.

Custom Video

Video has quickly become the most effective form of content in the mobile device era. Our custom video team can create a variety of packages that deliver dynamic visual storytelling to your target audience.


Is yours being read? If you can't answer that, then it probably isn't. Newsletters are an important communication tool for utilities and there is an art to designing a newsletter that attracts people to read it. Whether you send one out a year or every month we have solutions to help you.

Annual Reports

As one of the most important yearly documents, for both internal and external members, you create, discussing financials, past year achievements, and future goals, it is essential for your report to be both comprehensive and visually pleasing. We are experts on how to craft in-depth annual reports that increase readership and engagement levels.


Pre-Designed Materials

Don’t want to recreate the wheel? We’ve got you covered! Browse our library for the best pre-designed materials to fit your campaign. Whatever you may need, you’ll find the right product -- and for a low flat-rate.

Subcontracting / Outsourcing

If you’re an engineering firm, public relations firm, public involvement firm, market research or construction company working for a municipality, county, state or public utility district that bids on projects that includes a public education and outreach component, we would love to partner with you. We are looking to partner with agencies like yours either as a white label or named contractor with your clients.


Tools to Learn and Make Your Dollars Go Farther

Ask Us Hour

Tune-in to our think-tank sessions with other government entities and utility organizations from across the country! For a brief 15-minutes, you’ll collaborate and learn how you can best connect with your target audience through inventive marketing tactics.


As our 100% commitment to this industry, we want to give back and help smaller agencies connect with their communities with the same professionalism as the bigger ones. We have been giving away $50,000 in grants each year for the past 5 years.


Committed to this industry, we work hard to move it forward. One of the ways we do that is speaking at conferences help you do you job better. From keynote presentations to technical sessions about public education and outreach, we are committed to teaching and equipping.


Marin County Logo

I will absolutely give Gold Street Designs and the team that I worked with (Shayne McCarl and John Gross) a 10! The whole process was smooth from the beginning—from the initial brainstorming sessions, to the script drafting and re-writes, to the character designs and animation. I felt the team, especially Shayne, really took the time to not only listen to my thoughts, comments, concerns, and ideas but also provided valuable feedback and ideas that help steer the project in the best direction. At all times, while they were there to lend their creative expertise and expertise in the video design field, they also made it clear that they were there to help make mine and my team’s ideas come to life.

I also greatly appreciated them allowing my team and I to take a pause when we had some creative questions (on my teams end) regarding some character designs and really appreciated Shayne and her team’s understanding of our last minute changes—it helped us create a beautiful, informative, and equitable video that we feel is going to be able to touch all corners of our community.

All in all, I have nothing but fantastic things to say about the Gold Street team, especially Shayne (who I worked with the most on this project) and with John (who really helped kick this project off).

Thank you so much!

– Danika Ng, Senior Program Coordinator