Professionally Designed Water Quality Reports

Midstate knows that communicating and communicating frequently with their clients is the key to understanding. Each month they send out a newsletter and a Ruralite publication full of articles and information to the members in their community. Their goal is to work with a vendor that creates a professional-looking product that is completed in a timely manner.

Midstate indicated that being able to trust their project will be done with attention to detail is extremely helpful and takes the burden of getting an end product they are happy with out the door. Goldstreet helps achieve this goal for them by presenting a process that runs smoothly from start to finish. With a team dedicated to reading through the provided material and then selecting appropriate images that captures the essence of the articles, Midstate is allowed to have a virtually hands-off approach to their projects. Teresa the Marketing & Communications Manager said, “The entire process works well. I email the project; I am provided with a proof; if edits are needed, I am provided with another proof; and the final approval of the project is emailed to the printer.”

In collaboration with Goldstreet, Midstate sends out monthly newsletters and publications that not only clearly communicate the agency’s messaging to the community, but also achieves the professional quality they seek.


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