Professionally Designed Water Quality Reports

Dale, with the City of Seaside, came to Goldstreet in search of a high-end water quality report designed to educate consumers, including school children, on the quality of their water. Working with the Goldstreet team, Dale noted the importance of the annual Consumer Confidence Report to new homebuyers and local businesses, especially breweries, which are prevalent within the Seaside community, stating: “knowing what our finished water contains aids local distilleries in creating their own brand.”

To ensure the satisfaction of the City of Seaside, in addition to its residents, Goldstreet created a water quality report that provided high-quality graphics, vivid colors, and a streamlined format which Dale described as “easy to read and understand.” The Goldstreet team were thrilled with a recent one-year follow-up survey in which Dale stated his overall satisfaction with the project, noting that the initiative had helped the City of Seaside achieve their goals.

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