Professionally Designed Water Quality Reports

Goldstreet Designs was proud to celebrate a successful collaboration with the City of Pacifica on the launch of their Fats, Oils, and Grease outreach program. Designed to raise awareness and provide education to Pacifica, CA residents on the risks and dangers of the improper disposal of fat, oil, and grease (FOG) and their effects on sewer and local water systems, Goldstreet worked with Jon, with the City of Pacifica, on the creation of various outreach materials, including video, brochures, and mailers to be shared throughout the public with teachers and city works departments.

Jon explained the importance of changing existing marketing materials, updating their videos to focus on providing concise, relevant information that was easy for the public to understand, and matched with their fact sheets, as well as the city’s website.

Jon noted that residents have expressed interest in additional outreach presentations throughout local schools and city departments. On follow up, he declared the program a success, noting that recipients of the materials have stated they “painted a clear picture on what not to do and how to help prevent adding more problems to the sewers” and furthering “plumbing issues.”

“It has led to more creative ideas [on] how to encourage preventive measures to limit FOG and what not to flush,” Jon stated in a recent success survey. The Goldstreet team is thrilled with the successes of this important outreach program.

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