Professionally Designed Water Quality Reports

The City of Mesquite reached out to Goldstreet for a recent holiday promotion on the dangers associated with the improper disposal of fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Tim, with the City of Mesquite, informed the Goldstreet team of the concern with sanitary sewer overflows within the city caused by the growing number of residents running FOG materials down their drains.

To help raise awareness and provide education to the residents of Mesquite, TX, the Goldstreet team worked with Tim on the creation of a custom video designed to outline the hazards and risks that fat, oils, and grease pose on sewer pipes and the city’s water systems. While Tim noted it was “too soon to tell” what impact the initiative would have long-term, he expressed his satisfaction with the overall project, stating “getting the information in front of people we hope will pay off.”

Mesquite Holiday FOG Video