Professionally Designed Water Quality Reports

SITUATION ANALYSIS: The City of Bend had an ongoing challenge to educate the public about Fats, Oils and Grease. Most customers simply don’t understand that the particles and grease they put down their drains can cause backups in both their homes and in the sewer lines. Originally, the City sought to do a live-action 30-second video commercial. It proved to be too expensive for their budget, and the stock footage they ended up with didn’t deliver the message clearly or effectively. With time and budget challenges, they came to Goldstreet for a solution.

SOLUTION: Because the commercial was set to run around Thanksgiving, Goldstreet suggested tailoring the message to the holidays to make it more pertinent to utility customers. With video education you want to make sure to grab attention and spark curiosity. Goldstreet achieved this by creating an animated video with “characters” to explain Fats, Oils and Grease. During the video there were suggestions on how to avoid clogs and backups in a simple and entertaining way to raise awareness and help promote behavior changes. Not only was the video finished on time for the City’s airdates, but the animated characters created by Goldstreet brought a touch of fun to a subject that can be dry and uninteresting to many people.

Once the video was created the City could post this to their website and include in social media campaigns.

Video Marketing is a great way to create engagement and educate any audience.

Quote from Julie, Utility Dept, City of Bend: The team at Goldstreet really listened. They were able to understand what I had in mind and encompass it in their creative ideas.