Professionally Designed Water Quality Reports

Scenario: You just invested a ton of time and money into developing, what you think, a really great stormwater behavior change program. You took all the necessary steps during development, including thoroughly researching your target audience and setting measurable goals and objectives. You worked with a team of your co-workers to develop a great marketing strategy to reach your behavior change goals. You then designed your materials according to your marketing strategy, printed, distributed, posted and shared your materials according to your well thought out plan. You then followed the steps of your evaluation plan to see how the materials were working, only to find out the tagline you thought was perfect, is actually offensive to your audience and the electronic materials you created haven’t even been viewed once because your audience doesn’t use the web as much as they reported in the initial research.

The Solution: The Testing Phase. Putting your stormwater program outreach materials, taglines or messages to the test, in front of a small portion of your target audience, BEFORE any major production or material distribution has occurred, can (1) save you a ton of money, (2) allow you to make any necessary changes before launching and (3) provide you with confidence that your materials are destined for success.

Most behavior change programs typically need a little tweaking to get just right, so make sure you take the time to find as many of those little tweaks before you invest rate payers’ dollars on production of materials that are not going to inspire the behavior change you spent so much time planning for.

Take advantage of our online test panels, matched to your specific target audience, for your next behavior change program. Are the messages clear? Is the tagline effective? Are the materials appropriate? Let us help you find the answers!


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