Professionally Designed Water Quality Reports

With so much required language, it is difficult to get your customers to read your Water Quality Report (CCR), no matter how important the information is to know and understand. How do you overcome this challenge? Here are 3 tips to increase the readership of your Water Quality Report this year:

1) Add Coupons

Many utilities have incentive-items like water saving kits or hose washers, but have a hard time letting their customers know about them. A “coupon” creates the feeling that the giveaway is limited and valuable, something that a small paragraph of text simply cannot do. So add a few coupons to your report this year, and be ready for the people to come pouring in! Here are a few examples of how other utilities are integrating coupons into their water quality reports.

2) Use Local Photos

Local photos, especially on the cover of your report, make your customers stop and say, “Hey, I know where that is!” then they will be more likely to open it up and check out what is inside. Using local photos of things like, water storage facilities, utility employees, or other local points of interest keeps them browsing through the information you need them to read.

3) Add Local Programs or Project Updates

Local information about upcoming water utility projects, treatment plant upgrades, water conservation goals, water-saving incentive items, or even upcoming community events can help give a local and calming feel to a somewhat overwhelming collection of required language and tables. Plus, this helps build trust – that the water utility is here to provide valuable information, not just wasting time and money.


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