Consulting Services

Not enough hours in your day or staff on your team? Add Goldstreet as a Professionals Services Vendor to help in areas such as social marketing, NPDES compliance and program management. From brainstorming cost effective solutions to developing and executing multi-faceted marketing campaigns. Think of us as your teammate that has all you need and can help with whatever time consuming task is on your list.

Marketing & Branding

How is your brand working? Is your logo and utility recongizable? Trusted? A resource rather than just a bill? Let our team help you build your brand, relationships and a marketing strategy.


Public Outreach Strategy

What is the best course of action for reaching customers? What topics, what demographics, timing, how often? These are just a few questions to be answered and our experts can help you plan and build your program.


NPDES Compliance

Sifting through all the NPDES requirements can be tricky, time consuming and just too much! Let our outreach specialists make sure you meet your NPDES outreach requirements and generate behavioral change in your customer base.


Social Marketing

Behavioral change, that's the expectation now with outreach. Why waste time and money in outreach without creating an impact and inspiring change? Let us develop a social marketing plan to reach your target audience.


Administrative Assistance

Need an assistant? We can help find promotional items, get three quotes from local and/or national vendors and incorporate your message and logos/or obtain persmission from associations and organizations to use free pre-developed matierals in your community.


Market Research

Offering the latest in cost effective tools and analysis to gain a deep understanding of your target audience . Focus groups, phone surveys, online panels, etc. Our team will find the best options to give you the scientific data your project requires.