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Representatives of local municipalities know their decisions and budget allocations are always open for review and, as a result, scrutiny. But there’s a way to create strong relationships with the community that are positive and beneficial for progress — using creative agency services.

By integrating creative agencies into your daily government programs, you’ll discover that local officials can lead discussions in a way that encourages a better connection with the community. Even with combative individuals, using a digital agency to foster effective communication can turn a challenging situation into a productive one. 

Creative services, like those offered by  GoldStreet Designs, can make a measurable difference in enhancing a positive relationship with the community. We’ve got the hard evidence to prove it.

What Are Creative Agency Services?

Creative agencies include a wide array of marketing services designed to share a message with a specific target audience. GoldStreet Designs offers work in print, on the web, on social media, and through video. Local municipalities can work with a team of creative professionals to determine what kinds of initiatives make the most sense to reach their goals. 

Some specific advertising services include:

  • Vehicle wraps and truck stickers
  • Custom videos to tell a clear story about specific initiatives
  • Print collateral to hand out for residents to read later
  • Infographics to make information easy to read and understand
  • Maps for highly technical projects as well as visitor-focused cartoons
  • Illustrations for making outreach initiatives more attractive
  • Event booth displays for farmer’s markets or other community events
  • Digital marketing flipbooks to share on all devices
  • Electronic billboard designs
  • Powerpoint slides for community presentations
  • Public service announcements for radio, newspapers, or television
  • Translation services to keep all residents involved
  • Newsletters and annual reports built for search engine optimization
  • Welcome packets for new residents
  • Logo and branding services

Any outreach work that involves graphic design, professional writing, and other marketing tools needs a partnership with professionals who understand the limitations and considerations that local municipalities face. Creative agencies are a solution to these challenging and sometimes controversial marketing efforts.

Why Creative Agencies Are Effective

Creative agencies specialize in various sectors like market research, business management, design services, and more. Partnering with an agency that specializes specifically in creative services for local municipalities will save time and money while improving communication and support among local residents. But that’s not the only reason why creative agencies are effective. Here are some other reasons to consider.

Improves the Image of Local Municipalities

It’s difficult to manage the talk surrounding your municipality, especially after local media representatives or certain residents misunderstand a project. By getting ahead with targeted outreach and innovative solutions, you’ll be able to improve the image of your municipality without having to manage any backlash. Digital agencies with a proven track record of developing a great marketing strategy for municipalities will be the best choice.

Promotes Engagement

Residents appreciate transparency, and full-service creative agencies offer an outlet for sharing upcoming projects in a clear, engaging way.

Increases Customer Readership

Visually appealing content is always received better, making it more likely that residents will read bill inserts, information about rate increases, and other important documents worth sharing with constituents.

Keeps the Community Informed

You won’t have to rely on local media outlets to share the latest news when your municipality is partnered with a creative advertising agency. The more you take control of your messaging, the more your residents will feel involved and appreciated by their representatives and public officials.

Success Stories of Creative Services for Local Municipalities

Hard evidence that supports the use of creative services can be found in success stories from other municipalities. Their campaigns were well-received because they partnered with the marketing professionals at  Goldstreet Designs. Here are a few examples of their success.

City of Redding: “Think Before You Flush”

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused a toilet paper shortage, residents in the city of  Redding, California used paper towels — one even used an old t-shirt. While wastewater workers acted quickly to prevent a sewage spill from clogged lines, city officials placed door hangers on homes to remind them what was safe to flush. It made national news and stopped a potentially dangerous crisis. 

City of Monmouth: City Leaf Program Brochure

City officials in Monmouth were concerned that residents didn’t understand the city leaf pickup program, which helped prevent debris and pollution in their local storm systems. They collaborated with GoldStreet Designs to create a full-color brochure, which was mailed to city residents. As a result, residents followed the guidelines and kept storm drains clear.

To read more about the success of GoldStreet clients,  check it out here.

GoldStreet’s Creative Agency Services Product Results 

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