Use It, Don’t Lose It: Ways to Spend Left Over Budget

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The holidays are busy with decorating, holiday gatherings and shopping.  Work is no exception.  Between deadlines and items that have been on the ‘to do’ list all year, time is getting tight to get it all finished.  If outreach is one of those projects that’s been pushed aside and is a use it or lose it budget line item, here are 5 easy ways to make efficient use of the funds before they are gone:

  1. Create a plan for next year

    Having a written plan in place with clear objectives and a plan of action is like an insurance policy for reduced stress next year. A truly successful outreach plan requires strategy, planning and careful execution.  For utility staff being pulled in a hundred different directions though, these things are typically hard to come by . Use your funds to have a team develop your outreach strategy for you!

  2. Event items/promo items

    Having a strong presence at your community events next year is a great way to strengthen your relationship and increase trust  with your customers. from banners to backdrops, fun takeaway items or general branding items; these outreach materials can be utilized throughout the year and are an efficient and minimal time commitment to get ordered.

  3. Kids materials:

    Reaching the kids in your community is a great way to increase outreach efforts and build trust with customers.  Aside from schools, there are many other places to distribute the materials.  Options include libraries, YMCA’s, other kids activity centers or daycare centers. Many of these locations would love to have materials for kids to work/play with.  Check out some of our customize-able kids materials.

  4. Snackables:

    We like to call them snackables because they are just that….a snack bite of information. They are easy to digest and share with others! Snackables are great for web use and especially social media distribution.  Your customers are looking at their social media accounts, Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and Snapchat while waiting in line at the grocery store, or in line at schools waiting to pick up their kids. Snackables are graphic in nature and deliver a short and sweet message that while scrolling, your customers see and can quickly connect with.  You can link to deeper content on your website from there as well.   We can design a snackable for any topic you need.  Easy Peasy and ready before the year’s end; in fact you could design snackables for your entire year, and have all your social media posts done!  You can also check out a few of our pre-designed snackables, all of which can be customized with your logo for a low-price.

  5. Billed now, completion later:

    Do you have a project you know you want to do but just can’t get to it? One option is to be billed and pay in advance for a project.  This option allows you the time to need to gather your thoughts and utilizes the budget allocation before year’s end.

No matter the amount in your budget, there’s an option here for you that won’t take much of your time, will allow you to utilize the funds allocated for public outreach, increase customer trust and improve communications with your customers.

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