Five easy ways to improve your water quality report.

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• Is your water quality report read by most of the people in your community?

• Does it clearly convey the results of the great work your agency does to the people you serve?

• Are you using it to share stories about how your employees go above and beyond?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then check out these easy, time-tested ways to increase engagement with your consumer confidence report.

• Replace words with images.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in a data-heavy document like a CCR. That’s why it’s important to leverage charts, infographics and other visual devices when possible. Use color and thoughtful type treatments to make tables more readable. Another option is to add local photos or intriguing images to make the document more attractive to readers.

• Spend time designing the cover.

When developing consumer confidence reports, most people at water agencies focus all their time and effort on the data and analysis aspects of it. However, it’s important to put some time and effort into the cover design and other graphic elements. People will be more likely to read your report if it looks attractive. Why spend time and money developing a CCR that few people read?

• Provide an online option.

How much time do you spend reading printed documents versus viewing things online? If you’re like most people, you spend more time these days looking at things on smartphones, tablets and computers. The same is true for the people in your community. Consider adding a digital alternative to your printed report for people who prefer to get their information online.

•Turn it into a report card.

Everyone reads their children’s report cards. They quickly and easily explain what they’re doing well and where they’re lagging behind. Think about your water quality report in the same way. It’s your report card to your stakeholders. Make it simple for them to see your successes, and show them where your service isn’t measuring up and what steps you’re taking to improve your grades in the future. This level of honesty and transparency will go a long way toward building trust with the people you serve.

• Tell your story.

Your water quality report is one of the few opportunities you have to connect with your community. Use it to explain the great work your agency does that benefits them. Even a few carefully-considered bullet points and photos that show this will go a long way toward building good will.

Bonus tip: You don’t need to go it alone. An agency experienced in developing world-class water quality reports for suppliers across the United States could provide the support you need. Find out how Goldstreet could help you take your report to the next level while finding opportunities to reduce costs and the effort it takes to develop your CCR.

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