Utility Scams on the Rise … Be Proactive!

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Why you should be proactive to prevent customers falling for utility scams? As an industry insider, we think it’s obvious when we get a utility scam phone call. We understand that as a revenue generating operation there is protocol in place. Asking for a credit card or payment on the spot is not how it […]

Evaluating Social Media Posts to Create More Engagement

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Are you a “do-it-yourselfer” when it comes to social media for your department? Topics to cover within a utility department are vast and numerous.  Whether covering employees to personalize your team with your community, featuring a new program, capital project, conservation tip, seasonal message, community event, etc. … it can be easy to come up […]

Get More Done at Work This Holiday Season

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Vacations, gift exchanges, office parties, snow days and the smell of cookies in the air. There are many reasons why office productivity reduces drastically during the holidays.  Don’t reduce yourself to “getting less done” this year, follow these tips to get more done at work. 1) Set goals. Maybe it is a project you want […]

Making the Most of Social Media: For Utilities

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Are you planning to use social media to communicate with your utility customers? Perhaps you’re thinking about reaching out to them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social channel. If you want to connect with more of the people you serve via social, you will need to “boost” or “promote” your posts. Why? Utilities are […]

How to Plan a Successful Volunteer Event

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One of the best ways for the utilities to connect with the people they serve is to host local volunteer events. It’s a great way to build positive feelings for the agency in the local area and hopefully get a few real projects completed in the community at the same time. Here’s everything you need […]

10 tips for Developing GREAT Presentations

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Most people feel a level of anxiety when it comes time to create presentations and give them in public, to upper management or elected officials. However, a little preparation is all it takes to reduce anxiety and deliver presentations that audiences will enjoy and find valuable. Here are ten simple steps you can take to […]

How To Make Your Outreach Booth Stand Out

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Most community events are CROWDED. They’re packed with booths from organizations that represent all aspects of your local area.  An outreach booth done right can garner a lot of attention and get noticed so you can spread your message.  A booth that blends in is simply a waste of time and money. Here are ten […]

Tips for Developing Outreach Programs In-House

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We hear the same story from utilities across the United States. Resources are tight, which makes it absolutely critical that marketing and outreach programs be run as efficiently as possible, even if that means using your internal staff. Here are the four steps you need to take to plan successful initiatives in house. Step 1.  Start […]

Why Your Customers Are Tuning You Out

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Learn how to avoid 5 common mistakes utilities make developing brochures, flyers and other customer communications. There are typically only a a few times each year when utilities get to really connect with customers. With limited budgets and time, you can’t afford to make the mistakes that are actually encouraging your customers to simply tune […]